We are always looking for passionate people to work with who have different ideas and an alternative approach.


We are always searching for artists to collaborate with on new ideas and approaches to sample libraries. Our style is more real and less synthetic*, so if you’re the kind of artist who prefers horse hair and rosin to plastic keys and power supplies then we’d love to work with you on the bleeding edge of sample development.

*We do love a well placed Juno though.


We love musicians who have an alternative take to their instruments. A passion for making sounds that were never intended and who are brave enough to step away from the stave. Our approach to sampling relies on our musicians and their performance before anything else.


The way we approach sampling is the way we approach recording music. Put a talented musician with a beautiful instrument in a great sounding room in front of a lovely microphone and hit record. So let us know if you’re the kind of person that’s wired to make people’s sounds into other people’s sounds.


We like Kontakt developers who have ideas about how to translate music emotionally through 1s and 0s. If you have new ways of thinking and an equal passion for code and music then please drop us a line.

Get in touch

If you would like to work with a sample library company that’s as passionate about the sounds they make as it is about the people they work with, then please stand up.

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